What is Moss?

Moss is a non-vascular plant. It means they don’t have roots or any wood structure, they simply consist of leaves. They grow in groups because their reproduction cycle is different from other plants. Moss produces spores instead of seeds. Spores are single-cell reproductive units that can easily travel a great distance with the help of agents like wind, small animals, and birds. But the remarkable thing about mosses is its resilient nature that has existed on earth for millions of years.

Why is moss growing on my roof?

  • Moss can generally grow in any place which is shady or cool and has humidity that depends on the moisture content like in cloudy seasons.
  • And while it can easily access your roof because of its tiny size and resilient nature, for you it is hard to keep checking your roof.
  • The growth of moss starts growing in conditions like constant shade, most moisture content, and undisturbed area.
  • Now, as the foundation of moss is ready, they grow rapidly into thick inches and soon they cover the whole roof.

How does moss damage your roof?

Mosses can retain water for a much longer time which leads to excess water accumulation on your roof and cause following problem-

  • Weakens your roof
  • Block the drainage system
  • Chances of accidents
  • Makes your house appear dull and sluggish
  • Deteriorates the structure of your home

Benefit of Moss removal

1. Removal of moss gives life to your roof
2. Safe drainage system.
3. Clear paths around your house.
4. People notice everything- either you selling your property or inviting your friend, a cleaned and neat roof will make your house outstanding.

Methods used to remove moss from your roof

Firstly, you have to figure out the type of moss growth you have. Thin moss growth would not take much time but the thicker one will be hard to remove and there are chances that they can grow back.

  1. Brushing the moss – it is a manual job. One has to climb up to the roof and brush the roof with a hard stiff broom. It is laborious work with high risks of physical injuries.
  2. Zinc strips – they are laid throughout the cliff of the roof. When rainwater washed down the roof it mixes with zinc minerals and kills the moss. Its only drawback is it can cover big areas, so it has to be spread across the whole roof.
  3. Pressure washing– it is a great method to discharge the moss until your roof is made up of asphalt. Pressure can erode your roof by removing shingle grit.
  4. Moss Killer– it is an easy-to-use product and can kill the moss on contact. You have to be safe while using it, because it can cause eye and skin irritation.
  5. Mold Remover– it is an acid-based cleaner moss removal and can cause many breath related problems.
  6. Bleach– it is useful for moss removal except that it can be pretty harmful to you and the surrounding environment.

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