Being the experts in the roofing and building industry, we always try to keep our customers updated with our best practices and latest products. VELUX roof windows are the leading manufacturers of skylights and roof windows in the UK. Their products are known to beautify the appearance of homes across the country. From offering ventilation to natural daylight, their roof windows have so much to offer. In this blog, let’s take a detailed look at the perks of installing VELUX roof windows in your homes.

Bringing the element of nature close to us

As a roofing and building company, we clearly understand the importance of natural light in a home. VELUX roof windows are designed to enhance the daylight as well as the ventilation inside a house. Not only this but also the home becomes energy efficient. Another major highlight of their products is the tax benefit. Yes, you heard that right. When you install their solar skylights, you get a 30% assumption on your taxes.

Exemplary features of VELUX roof windows and skylights

  • Brightens your home with natural light
  • Can be fixed or vented
  • Can use remote to control them
  • A simple click allows you to enjoy the natural breeze
  • Comes with a unique glass package that allows easy cleaning
  • Their skylights and roof windows never leak
  • Comes with three layers of protection
  • 10 years manufacturer warranty

Enjoy easy installation with Roofing and Building Experts

Our team has immense experience installing these VELUX roofs windows and skylights across various homes in the UK. To us, our customers are like our family. Our team is friendly and always open to provide suggestions and advice. If you want to experience a leak-free installation of your favourite VELUX roof windows and skylights, then contact us today.

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