The Season of Joy and Happiness is near. The yards, trees, and homes are ready to be decorated with holiday lights. Decorating the home for the season is in itself the moment of great joy. The selection of lighting themes, opening up the old packed lighting boxes are nostalgic moments. The special lights or decoration items which has a story behind them always spark happiness in the home.
Hanging the lights on the roofs, and placing Santas or stars on top of them is a very important task. Here we will go through some tips for you this season for a safe and happy decorating phase.

Some Safety tips:

  1. Put your safety first. Always have a buddy for help with you when you climb on the ladder.
  2. Manage your supplies with your buddy or your partner in decoration. Don’t have too many things in your hand.
  3. When mounting on the ladder. Make Sure the ladder is placed on firm ground. Ask your buddy to hold the ladder steady.
  4. Don’t climb on the roof unless it is necessary. If you don’t have experience, call a professional help in decoration.
  5. Wear shoes with a good grip while climbing on the ladder.

Some tips to protect your roofs:

  1. Have an appointment with the Roofers first: Before you begin setting up the decoration just call a roof specialist and ensure the roof is not damaged. Damaged roofs may be problematic for your safety. So Repair and then begin the decoration.
  2. Check your lights and untangle them – Take good time in examining the condition of the lights. It might have some broken bulbs or a non-functional one. Replace or rewire it so that it is in the best condition. Check also for any damage to the wire and the switching port. Any mistake in the wiring may cause a fire hazard.
  3. Use Easily Removable Plastic clips for attaching accessories: Use roof-friendly items to attach and install decorative items on the roofs. Staple Guns are easy options but they might damage the roof during removal. Prefer light Plastic clips or zip ties to attach the lights on the roof
  4. Don’t Overload the roof: It is fanciful to have reindeer and Santa on the roofs but the weight of these items may be heavy for roofs. Try not to put heavy decorative items directly on the roofs. Prefer lightweight decorating items.

Once the holiday season is over, the packing up is a speedy process. Do not pull the string or wires hastily. Carefully remove all the items and pack them carefully for the next season of joy.

If you think you have damaged the roof at any time. Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are expertise in Roofing Solutions. We will speedily help in resolving any roof-related problems.