Summer is about to hit. We think we are all set for the weather, but often many of us ignore the effect of summer heat on the most important part of your home- the Roof.

We think that winter is the only season that can cause damage to the roof. But summers can also cause drastic damage to your roof. In this article, Roofing and Building Experts, your professional roofing company has decided to help people become aware of the impact of summer heats on the roof. Read till the end to know more.

Affect of Summer heats on your roof

Cracking of the roof

The summer heat can cause extreme wear and tear on your roof. From bleached wood, curled and dried up shingles to dissipated oil from your roofing material, increased exposure to sunlight can cause your roof to be brittle and crack

Water leaks and mould formation due to high humidity

The humidity levels are high in summer. The moisture in the air sets on the roof surface leading to mould formation. Moisture content can also set in between the shingles and waterproofing layer which can cause the roof to leak.

Sudden temperature can cause thermal shocks

In summer, your roof can undergo thermal shocks. This means when the roof is heated up during the day and cooled off when the sun sets, it can cause a sudden change in the temperature. This is called thermal shock which can expand and contract the roof material. Thermal shocks can create gaps and weaken the roof altogether.

Protect your Roof from summer heat | Tips from Professional Roofing Company

  • Conduct regular inspections of your roof. Because as they say “ a stitch in time can save nine”
  • Keep your attic properly ventilated.
  • Create a roof garden. The greens will absorb all the heat
  • Use ceramic or porcelain roof tiles that reflect the sunlight and act as a thermal insulator.
  • Pay attention to your gutters. Get them cleaned before summer sets in.
  • Call a professional roofing company for regular maintenance and services.

We are Roofing and Building Experts

Stopping the sun from heating your roof is impossible. But you can always try out a few things to lessen the damage caused. Being a professional roofing company, we are experts in pinpointing even the smallest issue. We advise our clients to conduct regular maintenance service for your roof so that we can report the problem at the earliest and get things fixed before it goes out of control.

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