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Out flat roofing services include:


  • Flat roof installation: We have helped numerous homes and commercial properties in London with their new flat roof installation. Be it asphalt or zinc, we will use the finest materials to create your flat roof. Due to affordability and less maintenance, flat roofs are increasingly popular in the UK.
  • Flat roof repairs and maintenance: With regular inspections and maintenance, your flat roofs will hardly ever have any repairs. Top reasons why flat roofs require repairs would be poor design and workmanship, sagging causing water lodging, lack of maintenance, incorrect installation of flashing etc. No matter what the reason is, our team will help your flat roof look as good as new.
  • Flat roof surveys: The surveys are conducted by our expert team who would look closely, find any potential problems and report them to you. Through thermal imaging and moisture mapping tools, our team will inspect your flat roofs and investigate any present or future problems that can cost you a lot of money.
  • Flat roof estimates: Our roofers can help you with the estimation of a new roof or repairs and maintenance costs. After visiting our site, we will send you the quotation with a complete cost breakdown.

Flat Roof- The overview

  • Easy to Access: Flat roofs as the name goes are flat without any slopes hence can be easily accessed with a ladder during a roof inspection or maintenance works.
  • Requires Less Maintenance: Flat roofs are extremely durable and need hardly any maintenance. Also since being effortless to access a flat roof, it is easy to take the tools up to the roof and conduct maintenance.
  • Better space: The area beneath the roof can be used as the extra space for storage. Some may convert this space into AC unit storage while others love to use it as a creative part of their homes.
  • Most affordable: With respect to future maintenance as well as the cost of installation, flat roofs are immensely affordable. Flat roofs require no additives or elements added for decoration, thus installation cost involved is less.

Reasons to choose us for your Flat Roofing Services

  • Extensive years of experience
  • Best and assured workmanship
  • All our team member are insured
  • Free competitive quotes
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

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