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Has your roof started to look dull? Are you concerned about either re-roofing or getting it cleaned? Well, roof cleaning is an effective and affordable way to make your roof look brand new again. A dull roof is usually caused by the growth of moss, algae and lichens. It becomes essential to treat these unwanted growths on the surface so that your roof stays protected.

Can moss cause damage to your roof?

Moss, algae and lichens grow on moist surfaces. The UK’s climate is perfectly moist for such unwanted growth. As moss grows on the roof, its roots will penetrate inside the roof which can cause degradation and damages such as cracks and holes. This can further cause leakage and dampness.

Our Roof Moss Removal process involves

There are various methods to remove moss from the roofs. We use the method after discussing it with the client. Some of the most common methods used are high-pressure cleaning, moss control powder and bleach. Moss control powder made of zinc sulfate is known to be very effective and also stops the regrowth of moss.

Moreover, there are ways to prevent moss growth on roofs. Keep the roof clutter-free. Regularly remove the debris such as leaves and sticks. Moss growth if treated as early as possible will prove to be effective and eliminate the damage of roofs.


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